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The Dark Energy Survey Collaboration

Where the Dark Energy Survey collaboration works.

The Goals of the Dark Energy Survey

For the public: Understanding the nature of Dark Energy.
For our colleagues, the DETF white papers: The experiment, science supplements, theory challenges, and computational challenges.

The Collaboration

The collaboration list
How to get Fermi visitor IDs and user accounts
The next collaboration meeting: December 10-14 2012 at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. List of meetings including copies of collaboration talks.

The Main Documents

The DES Proposal to NOAO,
the principal documents of the survey,
the July 2009 DOE/NSF Review documentation, other Project Reviews and
all survey documents, kept in the the DES docdb.


  • the DES docdb. Doc-db is a document management database where most of the documents of the survey are kept.
  • Meetings
  • List of topics, e.g., conference papers. This list can be added to, talk to Liz

Mailing List Archives

Work Areas

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