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News DECam project receives CD2 approval
The DECam project has received CD2 approval
News BIRP returns positive report
The NOAO independent panel review report, linked below, was received, and it is very encouraging.
News SAGENAP says DES science program "truly excellent"
The SAGENAP report is out in draft form, and it says "The science program proposed by DES... is truly excellent." and that "A strength of this project is that it can combine the experience of a DOE high energy physics laboratory with the astronomical community at a major astronomical observatory. " The full description is below.
News DES goes before NOAO BIRP review
The Blanco Independent Review Panel reviews the DES proposal.
News DES goes before PPARC's PPRD
The Dark Energy Survey goes before the UK's PPARCs Project Peer Review Panel.
News PPARC Council seeks participation in DES
The Council of PPARC has agreed to an investment strategy over 2006-2008 that includes a desire to seek participation in the Dark Energy Survey.
News DOE gives CD-0 for ground based DE experiment
DOE gives CD-0 for ground based DE experiment, establishing a mission need for a "generic" experiment. The Mission Need statement is at
News P5 recommends construction of DES
The P5 committee has recommended DES for construction.
News DES in the 2008 US Congressional Budget Request
DES is in the 2008 Congressional Budget Request for the DOE Office of Science. This puts DES on the road to approval.
News Penn joins DES
The University of Pennsylvania has joined the DES.
News Brazil joins DES
The DES-Brazil Consortium has joined the DES.
News Argonne joins DES
The Argonne National Laboratory has joined the DES.
News OSU joins DES
The Ohio State University has joined the DES.
News DES in Congressional Budget Request
DES is in the Congressional Budget request for the second year in a row.
News STFC authorizes funds for the DECam Corrector
STFC authorizes 1.12M Pounds for the DES for the DECam optical corrector
News DECam Project receives DOE CD3a/b approval
On October 24 2008 the DECam project received DOE CD3b approval.
News Santa Cruz-SLAC-Stanford DES Consortium joins DES
The Santa Cruz-SLAC-Stanford DES Consortium joined the DES.
News DECam featured in Wired magazine
DECam featured in Wired magazine.

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