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STFC authorizes funds for the DECam Corrector

STFC authorizes 1.12M Pounds for the DES for the DECam optical corrector

The UK Science and Technology Facility Council authorized University College London (UCL) to commit a further 1.12M Pounds to the previously approved DES programme on April 1, 2008.

This allowed the UCL Optical Science Laboratory to approve contracts for the polishing and coating the large glass elements and to continue the support of the Optical Science Laboratory team, which leads the design and manufacture of the barrel corrector.

This release of funds was made recognising the urgent need to complete the tender and contract process for the lens polishing and avoid any delay to the project. The strategic priority of the DES project, and the UK's participation in it, has been confirmed by the first stage of STFC Programmatic Review and by the DOE and NSF review processes in the US, which give increased confidence that funding through to completion will be confirmed in due course.

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